A Fresh Focus and a New Website for Custom Google Map Tools

Custom Google Map Tools Website

At the moment I am going through a process of clarifying the type of work I do for my clients in different industries

I do a lot of work with Google Maps for business clients and while I don’t post about them on the Creative Transmissions blog I have had sections for Google Maps development services on the main Creative Transmissions website. Continue reading

WordPress Sell Photo Preview and Future Plans

During the beginning of this year work has been continuing on WordPress Sell Photo – the new plugin to help photographers and digital artists quickly and easily sell digital images from a WordPress website.

As a result of feedback from the beta version a greatly improved admin panel has been designed to give more control and flexibility over applying prices and shipping fees to pictures both individually and by category.

This post is a quick overview of how the new admin control panel can help you to quickly set prices for your work across your whole portfolio or at an individual picture and product or print format level.

The admin panel has five tabs laid out in the order that you would use them when setting up.

Tab 1 – Add Buy Buttons

The WordPress Sell Photo works by using a WordPress Widget to display a drop down list of print or product variations based on your prices and a Buy Now button.

This is a modular system which will allow developers to connect any 3rd party widget based payment button to the website. The included widget uses WP Ultra simple Paypal Cart due to it’s simple configuration.

As most websites will not want a buy button on every single page where there is a sidebar you can choose what types of pages or post types display a buy button with the simple tick boxes shown below:

WordPress Sell Photo - Add Buy Button Widgets
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A New Year Of Creativity Is Yours

Strathpeffer Woods

Strathpeffer Woods courtesy of MacPherson Landscape Photograpy

A million roads of exciting possibility stretch out ahead of us. This is always true but some experiences – like sharing your stories at the beginning of a new year with the people you love – makes it all the more real.

To kick of this new year I am helping my talented photographer girlfriend with a 31 day photography challenge. Every day in January Mo will be posting at least one new photograph on MacPherson Landscape Photography each day.

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New Focus and the Creativity of the Electronic Dance Music Scene

I see amazing talent and dedication all around me – powerful art, writing, photography and music being made but so often forgotten, stored, or filed away on a hard drive where no one can be inspired by it. This is why I started Creative Transmissions.

One particular aspects of our creative culture has always fascinated and inspired me more than others. This year the websites, tools and services offered by Creative Transmissions will be focusing on helping spread the unstoppable creativity of the electronic dance scene.

The decreasing cost of music production and DJ equipment and software combined with the ability to share music with a global audience has accelerated musical evolution like never before.

In the online world the communities, music hosting sites, music distributors and social networks are a reflection of the happy chaos of the dance scene. An ever increasing number of services, technologies and techniques are available to promoting the artists, performers and events at the core of electronic dance culture.

For some reason this creativity has not filtered through to the web as much as expected. While there are some amazing music project out there (like Be@TV for example). Many DJs, producers and clubs lack even their domain and website – the hub of any online marketing strategy.

As a person that understands how the nuts and bolts of how the web works and who studies the benefits it has for creative ventures I am drawn to help people use technology to elevate their creative work and bring it to those that appreciate it.

This year’s plan for Creative Transmissions plan is to make it easy for new fans to find your music.

Creative Transmissions is currently working to develop tools, components and services for websites which are a solid foundation for a successful music and event promotion.

If you have a suggestion that you think will help move this mission forward or if you offer complementary services I’d love to exchange ideas with you.

If you would like to work with Creative Transmissions to develop a website that will be the solid core of your musical presence on the web or would like assistance in taking your existing venture to the next level just drop me a line on the contact page.

Keep creating and keep dancing!

Andrew van Duivenbode.
Proprietor, Creative Transmissions.

PS: All normal hosting and development services will continue and all who have a creative vision to be realised online are welcome.

A Summer Gift from Creative Transmissions

All Creative Transmissions client accounts have just received a free upgrade to the next package up from
their current package.

This is a special thank you to everyone that has chosen Creative Transmission for website development, hosting or both during the early years of this business and also to mark the beginning of a period of improvement, development and growth for the business following my previous announcement.

An internal project is currently underway to redesign this website with more of a focus on providing useful information and services for creative people who are developing their websites or who want to take their existing site to the next level.

I’m currently excited to be collaborating with Vectraits on the website for Murge Recordings. Murge is and underground / acid house record label based in the UK. The initial line up features some amazing talent and very special remix guests and I encourage you to have a listen to the track previews and podcasts at murgerecordings.co.uk for some fantastic production and DJing.

While these projects and more are currently in progress, it’s also the start of a new month and is the perfect time to schedule future projects.

If you have a website idea you would like to bring to life please leave a quick description in the contact page and we can arrange a free consultation via Skype and take it from there.

Enjoy your summer!

Creative Transmissions: The Way Forwards

Any visitors to this website who don’t know me personally might not be aware that as well as providing website design, development and hosting services to the clients of Creative Transmissions I’m also an Intranet developer for a Scottish whisky company Burn Stewart Distillers.

I’ve spent a good proportion of the last few years working with the company’s IT team and building a series of web applications for managing and reporting on complex business data. The web apps are combined in a web-based virtual desktop environment to create the companies Intranet.

The position gave me the chance to delve deep into the world of Javascript programming, SQL database design and stored procedure programming while also working with a great bunch of people and sampling a few fine malt whiskeys along the way.

I recently decided to leave this job in order to concentrate fully on Creative Transmissions projects.

It’s exciting time in history for creativity, technology and business.

Web technology is facilitating an increadible exchange of knowledge and free tools that allow us to craft the digital medium of bits and bytes into music, art, writing, education, design which can be combined to produce some amazing things.

People can share their work with the world in an increasing number of new and interesting ways, such as World Wide Party Set’s integration of social media features from Twitter and Facebook with web services Soundcloud for audio streaming and Google Maps for geolocation.

The current state of the web holds so many new possiblities for new creative projects that the way forwards for me is to give my full attention to Creative Transmissions and helping my clients take advantage of everything the web can offer them.

This means big changes, new services and improved support for Creative Transmissions clients.

I’ll be revealing more of my plans and progress on the blog in the near future…


Proprietor, Creative Transmissions