Hacking The Business

It’s been over four months since my last Creative Transmissions article when I announced the launch of Custom Google Map Tools and plans for both websites and my future services.

A lot has changed since then and the future is looking bright.

In the early part of the year I found myself working on a large number of smaller web development projects for multiple clients.

I think that the many creatives and makers out there will agree that while variety is the spice of life, too much chopping and changing between small projects can be difficult to manage efficiently.

My own philosophy of what to work on is to ensure that each project I do gives me the opportunity to either try something new or apply my existing skills to a challenge that allows me to grow or improve as a developer. This is in fact one of the main reasons I started me own business in the first place.

The projects I have worked on all fulfilled my criteria however it became apparent to me that in order to build a company that can help significantly more individuals and businesses with their own projects and growth I would have to streamline my own processes.

As a programmer self-taught as a teenager I’m good at thinking about systems and to me business is another system to be hacked and optimized, so that is what I have been doing over the past few months.

What hacking the business looks like for me is:

  • Systematizing my process for building WordPress plugins
  • Designing and building a custom database to allow me to more efficiently manage and report on my operational business data
  • Combining my most useful JavaScript and PHP code into libraries and plugins allowing me to build more efficiently
  • Writing my own build tools to automatically pull together the files and libraries I need at the start of a project in order to eliminate repetition
  • Focusing on fewer clients
  • Turning my most popular solutions into plugins

These are all actions that have allowed me to leverage my own strengths to create in a more lean and effective way.

Everybody has different strengths and processes so hacking your own business will probably mean something different to you.

I think the important thing is to step back with a critical eye and see what can be eliminated or done more efficiently.

The result of this is more focus, clarity and space for new growth and opportunities.

Time To Get Excited!

An Exciting 2015 from Creative Transmissions

It’s the beginning of the first full week of 2015.

The holidays are over for another year and most of us are back at work today. After all the celebrations and days of relaxation the first Monday of the year is not everybody’s favourite day.

I think that makes this week the perfect time to remember what excites you about what you do, what you are building and what opportunities lie ahead.

If you use the web to share your creative work, collaborate with your peers or run an online business then you should be excited as the power and knowledge you have available at your fingertips is greater than it ever has been before.

Online resources, tools and web services are giving you an unprecedented opportunity to learn, share your work, connect with like minded people and reach your customers.

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Clearing the Decks

With 2012 fully under way I’ve already begun changing things up which I hope will make 2012 a creative and productive year.

This is a time where businesses get busy tying up loose ends as the end of the financial year approaches. I know all too well that juggling projects and deadlines while staying healthy and in touch with friends and family can be a challenge. I’m taking action in this direction to help things run smoothly.

I’m currently working through a complete review of all of projects, regular activities and responsibilities to update or work out schedules for client projects and internal projects for Creative Transmissions, so if I’m a little quiet on-line in January it’s because I’m clearing the decks for the rest of the year’s activity.

On a personal note for those interested I am revisiting the personal productivity system outlined in David Allan’s wildly successful book “Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress Free Productivity” which has been widely adopted by geeks and busy people world wide. I read this previously and adopted some elements of it into daily life, however now I think it will be of more use than ever so I may blog a little on how it goes.

As I am a software developer (almost by nature I think) I will be looking into automation of more aspects of the business which later in the year will include a revamp of the Creative Transmission website in order to give you a more interactive walk-thorough of the products and web development services to help choose and use the ones that are the most appropriate for your project.

As always I look forward to helping you share your creativity with the world.


Time to look forward! Creative Transmissions is looking forward to changing things up a lot in 2012.

New, more powerful and more standardized web-development tools and technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do with a website or web-application.

Thanks to all you wonderful clients and collaborators – it’s been great fun working on your various projects.

Here’s to you and your creativity! Lets make 2012 the best ever for all our endeavours.


Happy Holidays From Creative Transmissions

I hope everyone had some well needed rest and recuperation with family and friends this Christmas.

It’s one thing to devote your life to creating and promoting cool stuff, but we all need a break sometimes.

In business and in life the people you connect with whether for business, advice, fun or friendship are more important than anything else.

It’s all to easy for personal connections to get lost in the day to day business transactions of freelancing or running your own business. Time and money get out of perspective and distract you from focusing in producing your best work or even the right kind of work for you at times.

This time of year is a great time to take a step back, connect with the people your closes to and take stock of all the loose ends and details from a distance and see how they fit into the overall pattern of your future plans.

I recommend everyone do this. I certainly am. After a lot of focused work in the latter part of this year on World Wide Party Sets and some amazing results with the recent and still ongoing upgrade I’d like the coming years direction for Creative Transmissions to be the development of online music technologies and cross-network social tools for your website.

I’ll also be looking for some collaboration in the graphics department so drop me a line if you are interested in making some very cool websites and beyond.

Have fun for the rest of your holiday and thanks for reading and for your support.

If you’d like to join me, just choose a hosting option below and you can start you website in minuites with a selection of DIY templates, easy to use software such as WordPress, and if you’d like something more advanced just enquire about web development service for a custom solution.

But most of all, whatever you create or come up with – enjoy it! That’s what life is all about after all.

A Creative Life Is Not Always Easy But It’s Worth It

Twenty four hours ago my head was a mess! It takes it out of you running a business, working full time and trying to have a social life too. As well as getting some serious sleep I’ve had to ask myself how this happened and why I’m doing this when I could easily live of a regular wage at a regular job.

Sometimes you have to think deeply about why you pursue your own creative endeavours whatever they may be. There are certain special moments I will remember that make it all worth while, such as:

Helping friends use the Internet to promote wicked house and techno clubs such as 440 Hertz and Club Love and hearing the sounds of the new parties that have evolved as the DJs spread out across the globe and take their unique vibe to create events like Audio Response in Barcelona.

Hearing how my friend James Dunbar’s website got him his last lucrative photography job and about the wicked projects he’s got planned.

Listening to and helping to promote the swwt new house music produced by Aiden Travers which you can download or stream from his own site or Soundcloud.

Enjoying a great chat over a couple of beers with photographer friend and client Debbie McCuish about enthusiastic plans for her website and getting told not to undersell my services.

Receiving a super positive message from holistic therapist Natalie Smith from Tree Of Organics about a new non-profit future project for everyone that cares about our world and our future, soon to be announced.

Working with talented graphics and web designers such as Jace Syntax from Vectraits Portraits and Andy Mackay of Something Cheerful.

Getting positive feedback from talented and super creative VJ and film-maker Simone Smith on future plans and collaborations even when squeezed into a 15 minuite chat in a railway station.

Working with salt of the earth local business people (some who even pay by cheque!) who take true pride in the businesses they’ve built while enjoying ever increasing success such as Music ‘N’ Light, The Scottish T Shirt Company and Gregor Murray – Man With A Van.

Listening to an sharing amazing promo sets from new DJ’s and producers and the great times I’ve had going to see them with friends at festivals I’ve discovered through my own baby World Wide Party Sets in places such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and Novi Saad.

Getting totally psyched up on a Skype call with the wonderful DC Gallin about our plans to promote and distribute Kiss The Sky (originally Woman In The Sky) – her amazing and subversive self-published novel about freedom, art and set in the underground electronic dance scene in London. You can find out more in the Facebook Group. if you appreciate this scene there is no truer fiction!

If these are the things I’m thinking of while I’m run down after getting carried away (I do write computer code after all so I am a bit obsessive!) with work and having fun with the friends I work with, just wait until things are in full swing!

This is just the beginning.

If you are creative and cool and would like some help to promote your work via the web come and join me for the ride!

Support your own and other peoples Creative Transmissions by hosting your work here (you can make your own site easily with WordPress or a choice of other easy to use tools for only £2.50 per month), by spreading the word on your blog or social network or by getting in touch about collaborating on future projects.

You can read my older posts on the blog page.

If you are on Twitter follow @Create_Transmit for the latest updates and useful advice for independent creative people and making the world and the web a better place.

Keep creating!

Onwards and Upwards!

Exciting things are happening here at Creative Transmissions HQ!

So much so that I’ve decided to move the latest blog entry to the front page along with some preview images of some of the websites hosted and in some cases created by Creative Transmissions to promote the work of the incredibly talented collaborators and clients I am lucky enough to have crossed paths with.

I’m not going to go in to detail right now as proper announcements will follow for each project, but in the pipeline we have:

The launch of thescottishtshirtcompany.co.uk

An upgrade to www.worldwidepartysets.com

An upgrade to this site focused on promoting client websites and collaboration between talented freelance creatives.

A super-special collaboration with the infamous DC Gallin, self-published author of The Woman in The Sky – an amazing novel about freedom, art and the underground dance party scene. Check out www.womaninthesky.com and watch this space for more information.

Also for those photographers and visual artists, please take a look at www.debbiemccuish.com a site launched earlier this year and a particular favourite of mine which showcases the work of Scottish photographer Debbie McCuish.

One final note – if you need some help getting your own creative works online, or would like to collaborate on future projects whether that be graphic work, video, copywriting or making music get in touch via the contact form above and lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes.. 😉

Until next time, keep creating!

Quick Heads Up – End of Web Hosting Special Offer This Month

Time Flies when you’re having fun.

Unbelievably Creative Transmissions first year in business is almost over.

After the end of April the current Special Start Up and Special Unlimited packages will no longer be available to new clients.

As with all businesses the services offered by Creative Transmissions will be continually refined to provide the best hosting, design and development services for your needs.

A range of new more specialised web hosting options will be available with £5 for the starter and £10 for the professional options.

If you are thinking about setting up a website to promote your creative talents, business, or just for fun you can order a fully featured hosing package including email, database, scripting and all this other stuff:


£2.50 for the Special Startup package or for £5 for the Unlimited Option for this month only!

Full Details at www.creativetransmissions.com

Thanks to all clients and collaborators for your custom, support and enthusiasm.

Coffee and Web Philosophy

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog so as I’m following the advice of Corbett Barr in his post Push Publish to share some thoughts.

After a great time relaxing and chatting with a good friend over tapas and some delicious German and Belgian beers on Friday night I’ve been inspired today by the conversation between good-hearted web professionals Jeffrey Zeldman, Sarah Parmenter and Dan Benjamin on The Big Web Show.

The show and the tweets that followed my response to it lead me the conclusion that in the world of web development the majority of the successful designers, developers and independent content producers are the ones that are really motivated to make the web and the world a better place and teach others do to the same.

It makes sense in the online world that success and recognition should happen to the right people. In this landscape there’s no place for sharks, scammers and businesses focused only on separating people from their cash. Transparency is the natural state of being and skullduggery is blown apart by high speed communication.

In a lot of ways is reminds me of the old Amiga demo scene when groups of people with itchy coding fingers produced amazing special effects, music and graphics productions just for the fun of putting something cool out there and sharing with the community. Apart from now the creativity is flowing in the mainstream and the products, designs and businesses that are being built are changing the world and making a stronger global community.

These days I’m excited to be a small part of this insanely fast evolving digital world. Maybe I’m idealistic but don’t we need a little of that if we’re to keep upping the game?

So thanks to all the good guys out there leading the way.

Take it easy,




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