A Fresh Focus and a New Website for Custom Google Map Tools

Custom Google Map Tools Website

At the moment I am going through a process of clarifying the type of work I do for my clients in different industries

I do a lot of work with Google Maps for business clients and while I don’t post about them on the Creative Transmissions blog I have had sections for Google Maps development services on the main Creative Transmissions website.

This was originally to get some feedback on my Google Map Quote Calculator plugin and I am happy to say the feedback had shown promise for the plugins future.

In an effort to provide only the most relevant information to my visitors I have decided to move this and all the information about my Google Maps development services to an entirely new website called Custom Google Map Tools.

Custom Google Maqp Tools
Custom Google Map Tools is a specialist website development service that will help you leverage the power of online maps and location based services to give your website visitors an engaging and useful experience while saving you time and money through automation and data collection.


The new website is still work in progress and only has some basic information at the moment but feel free to take a look if you are interested or know someone else who is.

I have stripped down the home page for Creative Transmissions to focus on my current work developing website tools and services for photographers and digital artists.

I’m rearranging things so that i can better organize the resources that I’ve discovered during my own research and share them with anybody who is interested in setting up and running a new business website for selling digital images or related services.

Creative Transmissions work continue to focus on this area for the foreseeable future as I continue to develop WordPress Sell Photo and a number of other plugins and modules to help present and sell digital photographs and images online.

Website Development for Photographers

The new WordPress for Photographers section is where you will find the most useful information I have found for setting up and running a photography website, as well as my own guides and articles.

There are also new sections for WordPress Plugin and WordPress Theme Recommendations specifically for photography and digital image based websites to help you find the most appropriate themes and plugins for your particular needs.

While I am focusing on these areas for future product and service development this will not affect current clients who will receive the same technical support and service as before.

If you would like assistance with a Google Maps based project or a photography website project then contact me any time at via the contact pages below:

Creative Transmissions

Custom Google Map Tools