A New Year Of Creativity Is Yours

Strathpeffer Woods
Strathpeffer Woods
Strathpeffer Woods courtesy of MacPherson Landscape Photograpy

A million roads of exciting possibility stretch out ahead of us. This is always true but some experiences – like sharing your stories at the beginning of a new year with the people you love – makes it all the more real.

To kick of this new year I am helping my talented photographer girlfriend with a 31 day photography challenge. Every day in January Mo will be posting at least one new photograph on MacPherson Landscape Photography each day.

Maureen has been a keen landscape photographer for many years and has literally thousands of stunning and unique photographs mostly stored out of sight on a hard drive which has been gathering dust for some time.

As a web developer with a love of creativity and our wonderful country this is exactly where I am drawn to help. The creative work within you deserves to be shared as far and wide as possible to inspire as many other people in the world to celebrate the beautiful works we can create.

We are using only free and open source tools and technologies and I will be writing about some of the options we will be experimenting with in the hope that we can show you what can be done with a very small budget both of time and money.

We have all the knowledge to learn the skills needed at our fingertips for free. We have networks both online and local to reach out to for advice. There has never been a better time to set your plans in motion.

I encourage you all to explore a new path this year. It just takes a few small steps each day to create something you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

Have a happy and creative new year!


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