A Summer Gift from Creative Transmissions

All Creative Transmissions client accounts have just received a free upgrade to the next package up from
their current package.

This is a special thank you to everyone that has chosen Creative Transmission for website development, hosting or both during the early years of this business and also to mark the beginning of a period of improvement, development and growth for the business following my previous announcement.

An internal project is currently underway to redesign this website with more of a focus on providing useful information and services for creative people who are developing their websites or who want to take their existing site to the next level.

I’m currently excited to be collaborating with Vectraits on the website for Murge Recordings. Murge is and underground / acid house record label based in the UK. The initial line up features some amazing talent and very special remix guests and I encourage you to have a listen to the track previews and podcasts at murgerecordings.co.uk for some fantastic production and DJing.

While these projects and more are currently in progress, it’s also the start of a new month and is the perfect time to schedule future projects.

If you have a website idea you would like to bring to life please leave a quick description in the contact page and we can arrange a free consultation via Skype and take it from there.

Enjoy your summer!

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