Clarity for Creativity

Creative Transmissions - Creative Clarity
Creative Transmissions - Creative Clarity
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At the beginning of the year I spent a lot of time thinking about what 2015 will bring for Creative Transmissions.

Like most business owners and creative people I constantly have new ideas and plans forming in my mind – far more than can be implemented.

I manage these brainstorms by noting down everything in Evernote and reviewing all my captured ideas on a weekly basis – something I borrowed from David Allen’s GTD productivity system.

This helps me keep track of would would be a good opportunity or project to pursue and comparing these ideas with my overall business goals and values and gives me clarity on what to focus on next.

Clarity is also essential to so many aspects of business and my development work – for example when planning projects and writing code.

I’d like to extend this theme of clarity across all of my business to give visitors and clients a clearer picture of how I intend Creative Transmissions to help creative people and businesses take their vision and work to their online audience.

I am allocating daily time to create useful articles and resources for the website along with news of the exciting projects which are under way such as WordPress Sell Photo.

I am also reorganizing the website a little at a time to make sure you can find the information that is relevant to what you want to achieve.

This message is the beginning of a new commitment to clarity that I look forward to sharing with you.