Clearing the Decks

With 2012 fully under way I’ve already begun changing things up which I hope will make 2012 a creative and productive year.

This is a time where businesses get busy tying up loose ends as the end of the financial year approaches. I know all too well that juggling projects and deadlines while staying healthy and in touch with friends and family can be a challenge. I’m taking action in this direction to help things run smoothly.

I’m currently working through a complete review of all of projects, regular activities and responsibilities to update or work out schedules for client projects and internal projects for Creative Transmissions, so if I’m a little quiet on-line in January it’s because I’m clearing the decks for the rest of the year’s activity.

On a personal note for those interested I am revisiting the personal productivity system outlined in David Allan’s wildly successful book “Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress Free Productivity” which has been widely adopted by geeks and busy people world wide. I read this previously and adopted some elements of it into daily life, however now I think it will be of more use than ever so I may blog a little on how it goes.

As I am a software developer (almost by nature I think) I will be looking into automation of more aspects of the business which later in the year will include a revamp of the Creative Transmission website in order to give you a more interactive walk-thorough of the products and web development services to help choose and use the ones that are the most appropriate for your project.

As always I look forward to helping you share your creativity with the world.

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