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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog so as I’m following the advice of Corbett Barr in his post Push Publish to share some thoughts.

After a great time relaxing and chatting with a good friend over tapas and some delicious German and Belgian beers on Friday night I’ve been inspired today by the conversation between good-hearted web professionals Jeffrey Zeldman, Sarah Parmenter and Dan Benjamin on The Big Web Show.

The show and the tweets that followed my response to it lead me the conclusion that in the world of web development the majority of the successful designers, developers and independent content producers are the ones that are really motivated to make the web and the world a better place and teach others do to the same.

It makes sense in the online world that success and recognition should happen to the right people. In this landscape there’s no place for sharks, scammers and businesses focused only on separating people from their cash. Transparency is the natural state of being and skullduggery is blown apart by high speed communication.

In a lot of ways is reminds me of the old Amiga demo scene when groups of people with itchy coding fingers produced amazing special effects, music and graphics productions just for the fun of putting something cool out there and sharing with the community. Apart from now the creativity is flowing in the mainstream and the products, designs and businesses that are being built are changing the world and making a stronger global community.

These days I’m excited to be a small part of this insanely fast evolving digital world. Maybe I’m idealistic but don’t we need a little of that if we’re to keep upping the game?

So thanks to all the good guys out there leading the way.

Take it easy,




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