Creative Transmissions: A Nine Year Evolution

Evolving into the future

Last week I was reminded to my surprise on LinkedIn that Creative Transmissions was set up 9 years ago.

The Creative Transmissions website has been sadly neglected while I have been working on client projects and the newer website for my WordPress Plugin projects for the transportation industry.

It’s time to bring the website up to date so this is my first post on our new look website.

A lot has changed since I first set out to be a freelance developer and launched this website to showcase my work.

My continuing mission has has many twists and turns. This nine year voyage has been an exploration of programming languages, frameworks, server technologies and software development techniques.

Thinking back, they have included at one stage or another:

  • jQuery
  • ExtJS / Sencha
  • CakePHP
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Database design
  • MySQL database optimization
  • Google Maps API
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Social media API programming
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Laravel
  • Test driven development
  • Node.js
  • Alexa skills
  • AWS lambda
  • VR Development (just for fun so far)

The technology focus of all current Creative Transmissions software development projects is the integration of cloud based services with open web technologies.

Products include the TransitQuote range of WordPress plugins for the courier, delivery and transportaion industries. TransitQuote and it’s Add-On plugins connect the Google Maps API with WordPress and WooCommerce compatible payment services and wraps it all together in a series of easy to use WordPress plugins.

The forthcoming TranstiQuote API will give independant businesses an easy route to integrating their WordPress websites with back end systems, cloud based and otherwise.

Building tools with a focus on making it easy for upcoming businesses to take advantage of web technologies is my way of helping to level the playingfield and helping new businesses get started.

Small and independent businesses are the key to improving the economy and providing more opportunity in our communities.

The web technology we build should be simple, inexpensive and have a low barrier to entry.

By building empowering web and business tools, we as software developers and help many different industries evolve and move forwards.