Gaming for Motivation and Creative Inspiration

Computer Games For Creative Motivation

Computer Games For Creative Motivation
Classic gaming can make for some great motiviation for creating user expoerinces.

Computer games are an amazingly creative medium. As well as being wonderful way to relax the mind after focusing on writing code all week, games combine music, art, graphic design, storytelling and theater to create a rich experience and a virtual environment that I believe can be very positive.

I’m having a bit of a flashback to childhood right now as I was exiled from the land of video games just after leaving school as I managed to damage my nerves due to too much keyboard based gaming and writing code with a poor physical posture.

During my career in IT, web and software development and the long keyboard hours involved I have had to stay out of the gaming world until very recently as keyboard time had to prioritize work only.

I’m now in a position to have a slightly more balanced lifestyle and have been picking up some classic games from the past decade or so as a way of switching out of “work mode”. I’m sticking to controller based games though as RSI through keyboard abuse is just not worth it.

The environments that games create provide a mental space that are often all about improving problem solving skills and thinking differently to progress through a story.

Early games gave me the inspiration to pick up the ZX Spectrum BASIC manual and work through all the examples until I could make very simple games out of text characters.

There is something about being able to build a user experience like this that is hugely satisfying.

The reward of creating a fun user experience can be a motivator for building a website or any kind of software that has a user interface of some kind or the ability to delight through the results it provides.

These days technology has come a long way and we are now entering the world of virtual and augmented reality experiences which I believe is soon to be internet based and shared through projects like High Fidelity.

This just makes me more excited to build and create more experiences in whatever small way I can.

Whether your creative project is art, photography, music, an app or a business, I encourage you to stay connected to whatever it is that makes you excited.

Seek out inspiration whether it comes from memories of past experiences, virtual world or the events and possibilities of life right now

Excitement means motivation and drive and there is little that is more important in making your project a success.