Guiding Principles

Starting and Growing a Business Should be Easy

New businesses bring money into local economies. This helps improves the quality of life for those in the local area and lead to more opportunities, employment and help overcome social problems in the area. This should be as easy as possible. Internet technology puts the ability to learn how to start and run a business into the hands of anybody that sees an opportunity. Cloud based software and open source technologies should lower the cost of starting or growing a business and make this possible for more new businesses.

Borders Are Obsolete

The Internet has become a force for global change and collaboration at every level. We celebrate this by working for and with clients and collaborators around the world. There are problems to be solved in every country and the talent and ideas that can solve them can be found in any country.

Discrimination is Self Destructive

Creativity and inspiration come from diversity. Where different points of view meet and mingle great ideas are born and we learn and move forwards. Discrimination of any kind is counterproductive to business and dangerous to society and to individuals.

Distributed Team Create A Healthier World

The Internet makes geography irrelevant. You can do amazing work no matter where you are based or what time you work. Working online gives individuals helps create a healthier environment by cutting out commuting, reducing pollution and saving energy. Remote work focused on project completion as opposed to scheduled hours gives individuals the opportunity to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle lead to great work.