Happy Holidays From Creative Transmissions

I hope everyone had some well needed rest and recuperation with family and friends this Christmas.

It’s one thing to devote your life to creating and promoting cool stuff, but we all need a break sometimes.

In business and in life the people you connect with whether for business, advice, fun or friendship are more important than anything else.

It’s all to easy for personal connections to get lost in the day to day business transactions of freelancing or running your own business. Time and money get out of perspective and distract you from focusing in producing your best work or even the right kind of work for you at times.

This time of year is a great time to take a step back, connect with the people your closes to and take stock of all the loose ends and details from a distance and see how they fit into the overall pattern of your future plans.

I recommend everyone do this. I certainly am. After a lot of focused work in the latter part of this year on World Wide Party Sets and some amazing results with the recent and still ongoing upgrade I’d like the coming years direction for Creative Transmissions to be the development of online music technologies and cross-network social tools for your website.

I’ll also be looking for some collaboration in the graphics department so drop me a line if you are interested in making some very cool websites and beyond.

Have fun for the rest of your holiday and thanks for reading and for your support.

If you’d like to join me, just choose a hosting option below and you can start you website in minuites with a selection of DIY templates, easy to use software such as WordPress, and if you’d like something more advanced just enquire about web development service for a custom solution.

But most of all, whatever you create or come up with – enjoy it! That’s what life is all about after all.

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