Is Your Work Important?

Sometimes you really have to take a good look at how you are spending your life and decide if you are doing what is important to you.

I’ve just watched Adam Baker’s amazing documentary “I’m Fine Thanks” which captures the stories of many people who while following the traditional path through life of corporate jobs, mortgages and 2.5 children found that something just didn’t feel right. I highly recommend watching it here.

I can relate a lot to the documentary as it took a lot of consideration, self de-programming and warning signs from within for me to make the decision to go it on my own and start using my web development skills to work for my own clients instead of just one company.

Even now that I work for myself I still have to stop sometimes and decide if I am working on the projects that are important to me. Right now I’m focusing on two projects that I believe in very strongly.

One project is upgrading the website for Murge Recordings – a label that brings to light a wonderfully inventive range of dance music on the edge of the techno, house and electronica genres.

The other project is an upgrade and relaunch of World Wide Party Sets which is the website which is my own personal mission to map the world of underground dance music. World Wide Party Sets is something I do for free but it also helps my clients as I develop new components and code in areas like online audio, mapping and APIs that I can use in other projects.

Both projects allow me to express what I enjoy doing the most – which is using my technical skills to help, support and promote the creative people I respect and who’s gifts of music I love.

I do other work of course but each time I choose to do something I try to make sure it is either because I believe in the project or because it can teach me something or allows me to practice something and improve my capabilities.

This is how I stay excited and motivated while I work for myself.

The work its self is motivation to learn, build and create things I can be proud of.

If your work doesn’t motivate you I think you should ask the question:

Am I spending my time doing work that is truly important to me?

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