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ZX Spectrum +2A (The A meant it was black..)
ZX Spectrum +2A (The A meant it was black..)

One of the best things about working for myself is how much I learn constantly.

As a web developer I’m already working in a field which is changing rapidly as Internet technologies evolve.

  • New techniques for building websites are invented every day
  • New phones and tablets with ever-better capabilities are released constantly
  • New programming languages and Frameworks are constantly being developed
  • Web browsers are constantly being updated with new features added

My whole environment is in a state of rapid change – although that’s also just life though if you think about it.

Adapting to change is something that helps us grow and and improve ourselves, and the more we adapt the better we get at learning.

I have never avoided learning. I taught myself how to program on a ZX Spectrum in school before I was old enough to take a computing class and I always wanted to improve my skills and capabilities to I can do better things.

Since I started working for myself I’ve had to learn a lot quickly about business, productivity, marketing, client relations, project management, finance, writing blog posts (I still have some way to go there..) and a lot more. I’m still learning too.

This might sound daunting and at times it can be. Fortunately the human mind is built to learn and adapt and the more you get into the habit of learning, researching and experimenting with new things, the less daunting and the more fun it becomes.

When I choose to take on a development project now I always prefer to do something that challenges me in some way.

I might be working with new software components or techniques I haven’t used before. I might try something that requires me to use my existing knowledge to create something unfamiliar or to me or solve a problem I’ve not yet tried to solve.

With each project I always come out a little wiser and with a little more knowledge.

We can never know everything, but that’s part of the fun.

So if you have an idea for a new project, business or even career don’t be put off by how much there is to learn because that’s just a sign of the rewards there are ahead.

We can always get better, even at learning

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