New Focus and the Creativity of the Electronic Dance Music Scene

I see amazing talent and dedication all around me – powerful art, writing, photography and music being made but so often forgotten, stored, or filed away on a hard drive where no one can be inspired by it. This is why I started Creative Transmissions.

One particular aspects of our creative culture has always fascinated and inspired me more than others. This year the websites, tools and services offered by Creative Transmissions will be focusing on helping spread the unstoppable creativity of the electronic dance scene.

The decreasing cost of music production and DJ equipment and software combined with the ability to share music with a global audience has accelerated musical evolution like never before.

In the online world the communities, music hosting sites, music distributors and social networks are a reflection of the happy chaos of the dance scene. An ever increasing number of services, technologies and techniques are available to promoting the artists, performers and events at the core of electronic dance culture.

For some reason this creativity has not filtered through to the web as much as expected. While there are some amazing music project out there (like Be@TV for example). Many DJs, producers and clubs lack even their domain and website – the hub of any online marketing strategy.

As a person that understands how the nuts and bolts of how the web works and who studies the benefits it has for creative ventures I am drawn to help people use technology to elevate their creative work and bring it to those that appreciate it.

This year’s plan for Creative Transmissions plan is to make it easy for new fans to find your music.

Creative Transmissions is currently working to develop tools, components and services for websites which are a solid foundation for a successful music and event promotion.

If you have a suggestion that you think will help move this mission forward or if you offer complementary services I’d love to exchange ideas with you.

If you would like to work with Creative Transmissions to develop a website that will be the solid core of your musical presence on the web or would like assistance in taking your existing venture to the next level just drop me a line on the contact page.

Keep creating and keep dancing!

Andrew van Duivenbode.
Proprietor, Creative Transmissions.

PS: All normal hosting and development services will continue and all who have a creative vision to be realised online are welcome.

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