Scotland and Your Independent Creative Powers

Loch NessI’m writing this on the morning the Scottish independence referendum have been announced.

It has been a roller-coaster with a very close result and a record turn out.

I voted yes because I believe in empowering people to make positive changes in their own lives and communities and to be able to have a fair say in the resources allocated to help them do so.

Even though the vote was to remain within the UK I am optimistic that the huge percentage of people making known their dissatisfaction will cause our government to create a fairer system.

I would like to see our country tackle poverty by working with communities and families that feel hopeless and excluded to make education and training an accessible and desirable route to creating and working in local businesses and organisations that will raise their quality of life and help reduce negative and destructive social behaviour.

Scotland has some of the most beautiful and rich natural countryside and we are very proud and protective of it. I believe we should be equally protective of the wider environment and prioritize issues that affect the whole world.

We are rich in clean natural energy sources such as wind, wave and hydro power and we should prioritize developing these resources to keep our beautiful country safe from the ever looming ecological disasters the planet is currently facing.

Creative Transmissions exists because I believe the power of creative thought, talent and imagination can be amplified exponentially with the help of the free and open communication technologies we have at our disposal.

We have a vast global information network at our disposal that enables us to bypass mainstream media and obtain real unfiltered research from the experts in science, health and politics.

Social media has once again played a key part in mobilizing a population to take responsibility for their countries future and I’m very proud of the 84.5% turnout that shows that we are informed, willing and able to stand up for what we believe in.

I have to wonder how much influence the scare stories amplified by the British mainstream media had on “helping” the less sure voters to make up their minds.

Everyone has a story to tell, a unique point of view and a creative mind.

Your creativity is your independence and by doing something with it you can bring into being the world you want.

Your photography can make people aware of natural beauty and history on their doorstep.

Your art can evoke feelings across continents.

Your music can break down social and national barriers and turn hate to cooperation.

Your creative spark can make a difference so I encourage everyone in Scotland to use it, start a project, start a business or start a conversation.

We are now in a time where your vision can be amplified to make a better world.