Sell Your Photos from WordPress With A Free Plugin From Creative Transmissions


Have you ever thought about how great it would be to sell your photography from your WordPress website but found the options were all too expensive, limiting or complicated to set up?

This year I have spent a lot of time researching different plugins and services that offer solutions for this and I have found the area lacks a truly fast to set up, user friendly and flexible sales tool for photographers on a low or zero budget.

As a web developer, when I make a photography website for a client which includes a way of selling photographs I have specific standards for the how a sales plugin or component should work.

  1. Easy for the photographer to set up without technical knowledge
  2. Multiple formats and prices can be offered for each picture
  3. No up front payments are needed to get started
  4. No need to sign up with or upload pictures to a 3rd party company other than your payment gateway
  5. WordPress built in post types and categories are used for pricing instead of having to duplicate the categories for your online store
  6. All image posts can be automatically have a price attached for selling without having to set up a product page for each individual photograph
  7. Buy buttons are set up as WordPress widgets to they can be added to the side bar of any theme with drag and drop
  8. A default price is set for each format which can be overridden per photograph or per image
  9. PayPal payments accepted as the default payment gateway

I would like a plugin like this that allows the photographer to receive customer orders by email so they could then dispatch themselves using whatever means they prefer.

I would also like a system that could be later extended to connect to order fulfilment companies and accept different payment gateways as the photography business grows.

As the majority of my recent client projects have been custom WordPress plugins, I know exactly how this can be achieved so I have decided to take matters into my own hands and build a free and open source plugin that meets all of the above standards.

I would like this plugin to break down some of the barriers which prevent talented photographs and digital artists from making money to support their work due to a lack of time, budget or technical knowledge.

If you would like to use this plugin to sell photography from your own website then just enter your email address in the box below to be notified of the first release.

Progress of the plugins development and the latest release download can be found on the WP Sell Photo project page.

If you would like to help to make this project a success then please share this post so it will reach photographers and digital artists interested in trying out the first version of the plugin and helping to shape it’s future .

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