Social Wars – A New Hope

Something exciting is happening to the social media landscape

A new social network has been created.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media giants, this network does not sell your attention to the highest bidding adverter.

This new network cannot sell your attention to the highest bidder, because the data that makes up this social network is not owned by a multinational megacorporation, but by its users.

This network is open-source.

You can download and edit the entire codebase to create your own features and suggest they be added.

You can also make your own user interface for this social media and run it under a new domain to give an entirely different experience to view the same user profiles and conversations.

Imagine that you could redesign Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to work the way you like it.

With this network you can.

Everything you do is stored on a decentralized database – a blockchain.

Only you have the ability to edit your own data so censorship is impossible.

With this social network you retain ownership of all that you post.

Your followers can invest in you directly so instead of Facebook or Twitter making money from your content – you do.

This social network is called Bitclout and it’s just taking off.

As a long term techno-optimist I have despaired at the walled gardens and divisive social media attention industry which is continually being gamed to push harmful propaganda into our everyday lives.

This network puts control of the feed in the hands of the community that uses it.

Will this new digital public commons be the answer to all the problems that dominate social media today?

I don’t know if this is the answer, but what I do know is that a vibrant community of creators, artists, musicians, programmers and investors has been created.

There is a huge potential here for the community to collaborate and build a social network from the inside that empowers the users instead of the platform owners.

The energy, positivity and excitement on this new network has inspired me so much that I have decided to start blogging again.

As a developer I am excited to explore the bitclout API to see what applications can be built on or connected to this amazing new resource.

I will be sharing my findings and experiments here so that other software developers can also benefit as I figure it out.

You can follow my journey on Bitclout here: