A Creative Life Is Not Always Easy But It’s Worth It

Twenty four hours ago my head was a mess! It takes it out of you running a business, working full time and trying to have a social life too. As well as getting some serious sleep I’ve had to ask myself how this happened and why I’m doing this when I could easily live of a regular wage at a regular job.

Sometimes you have to think deeply about why you pursue your own creative endeavours whatever they may be. There are certain special moments I will remember that make it all worth while, such as:

Helping friends use the Internet to promote wicked house and techno clubs such as 440 Hertz and Club Love and hearing the sounds of the new parties that have evolved as the DJs spread out across the globe and take their unique vibe to create events like Audio Response in Barcelona.

Hearing how my friend James Dunbar’s website got him his last lucrative photography job and about the wicked projects he’s got planned.

Listening to and helping to promote the swwt new house music produced by Aiden Travers which you can download or stream from his own site or Soundcloud.

Enjoying a great chat over a couple of beers with photographer friend and client Debbie McCuish about enthusiastic plans for her website and getting told not to undersell my services.

Receiving a super positive message from holistic therapist Natalie Smith from Tree Of Organics about a new non-profit future project for everyone that cares about our world and our future, soon to be announced.

Working with talented graphics and web designers such as Jace Syntax from Vectraits Portraits and Andy Mackay of Something Cheerful.

Getting positive feedback from talented and super creative VJ and film-maker Simone Smith on future plans and collaborations even when squeezed into a 15 minuite chat in a railway station.

Working with salt of the earth local business people (some who even pay by cheque!) who take true pride in the businesses they’ve built while enjoying ever increasing success such as Music ‘N’ Light, The Scottish T Shirt Company and Gregor Murray – Man With A Van.

Listening to an sharing amazing promo sets from new DJ’s and producers and the great times I’ve had going to see them with friends at festivals I’ve discovered through my own baby World Wide Party Sets in places such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and Novi Saad.

Getting totally psyched up on a Skype call with the wonderful DC Gallin about our plans to promote and distribute Kiss The Sky (originally Woman In The Sky) – her amazing and subversive self-published novel about freedom, art and set in the underground electronic dance scene in London. You can find out more in the Facebook Group. if you appreciate this scene there is no truer fiction!

If these are the things I’m thinking of while I’m run down after getting carried away (I do write computer code after all so I am a bit obsessive!) with work and having fun with the friends I work with, just wait until things are in full swing!

This is just the beginning.

If you are creative and cool and would like some help to promote your work via the web come and join me for the ride!

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Keep creating!

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