Creative Transmissions: The Way Forwards

Any visitors to this website who don’t know me personally might not be aware that as well as providing website design, development and hosting services to the clients of Creative Transmissions I’m also an Intranet developer for a Scottish whisky company Burn Stewart Distillers.

I’ve spent a good proportion of the last few years working with the company’s IT team and building a series of web applications for managing and reporting on complex business data. The web apps are combined in a web-based virtual desktop environment to create the companies Intranet.

The position gave me the chance to delve deep into the world of Javascript programming, SQL database design and stored procedure programming while also working with a great bunch of people and sampling a few fine malt whiskeys along the way.

I recently decided to leave this job in order to concentrate fully on Creative Transmissions projects.

It’s exciting time in history for creativity, technology and business.

Web technology is facilitating an increadible exchange of knowledge and free tools that allow us to craft the digital medium of bits and bytes into music, art, writing, education, design which can be combined to produce some amazing things.

People can share their work with the world in an increasing number of new and interesting ways, such as World Wide Party Set’s integration of social media features from Twitter and Facebook with web services Soundcloud for audio streaming and Google Maps for geolocation.

The current state of the web holds so many new possiblities for new creative projects that the way forwards for me is to give my full attention to Creative Transmissions and helping my clients take advantage of everything the web can offer them.

This means big changes, new services and improved support for Creative Transmissions clients.

I’ll be revealing more of my plans and progress on the blog in the near future…


Proprietor, Creative Transmissions

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