Transportation Industry WordPress Plugins

Google has achieved something amazing with Google Maps and the range of map related APIs that are available for all to use.

While the Google Maps App is one of the most used maps in the world, the power of Google Maps can also be used easily on any website by connecting to the Google Maps APIs.

WordPress has been the world’s most popular content management system for years and for good reason. It’s free for all to use, has the most extensive range of themes an plugins and the biggest developer community.

Our Custom Google Map Tools web development service has provided custom WordPress plugins combining the power of Google Maps with custom databases designed for the exact needs of our clients.

Business verticals that we have served in the past include:

  • Couriers
  • Messengers
  • Home movers / removal businesses
  • Limo hire companies
  • Taxis
  • Freight tranportation
  • Waste transportation
  • Medical rescue
  • Food deliveries
  • Tourism
  • Travel planning
  • Entertainment providers
  • Local service providers


The most frequently requested Google Maps / WordPress integration we recieve is to use Google services as a milage calculator so that the distance in miles or kilometers can be used for billing purposes.

This lead to the creation of TransitQuote – a Google Maps distance calculator for WordPress with a long list of features and options that allow businesses from any of the above verticals to automatically generate price quotes on their website.

The integration of WooCommerce as the payment plugin for TransitQuote gives businesses the option of using almost any online credit card or payment processessing service to accept payment online.

The ability to automatically generate prices and accept payments without staff interaction is a huge time saver and completes the core of the TransitQuote transportation booking and payment system.