WordPress Plugins

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

One of the wonderful things about using the WordPress content management to build your website is that it is infinitely extendable.

Plugins are used when there is a specific website feature that you need to add to your WordPress website which can’t be achieved with the standard options availble.

Features such as a photo galleries, contact form and quote calculatons can added to WordPress as plugins.

Some of the most useful plugins enable you to connect your website to the many online services that have exploded in number in recent years.

Plugins such as WooCommerce provide a simple method to connect to payment services so you can accept payments online.

There are plugins to connect to email marketing services like Mailchimp, analytics services from Google and many more.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress is a general purpose content management system which can be used for any industry or business domain and this can be both a strength and a weakness

Business websites have a specific set of needs which depend on your industry or business domain. For example:

  • Restaurants need menus and table booking systems.
  • Couriers and transportation companies need distance based pricing.
  • Real estate agencies need speciality property search tools.

When an exact solution for your business needs isn’t availble you can build a WordPress plugin specifically for your business domain.

At Creative Transmissions we have refined our processes for building WordPress plugins and are currently focused on building the TransitQuote range of plugins for delivery and transportation businesses.

Our core TransitQuote plugin connects the Google Maps API with our custom booking database to automatically price jobs based on distanc and uses WooCommerce to enable customers to pay online with any online payment service.

We combine and connect these online components into an easy to use system that can be set up by the business owner or website manager without any specialist web development knowledge.

The Future For WordPress Plugins is Industry Specific

The WordPress platform is the widespread CMS on the planet with the lowest barrier to entry for new businesses.

To help businesses get the most out of WordPress we need industry specific themes and plugins.

Businesses need plugins which tranform the general purpose CMS into a streamlined business solution with all the features and connections to external systems that thier industry needs.

This is our goal when we build custom WordPress plugins for clients or for commercial release.

If you are a web developer we encourage you to think about industry-specific solutions and how you can give new businesses the exact features they need without unnecessary web jargon.

If you have a transportation or delivery business we encourage you to try the online demos of our TransitQuote plugin range.

Creative Transmissions has an efficient and refined development methodology for WordPress plugins.

If you are thinking of setting up a new website and are having trouble finding a soloution specific to your industry we would love to hear from you.